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Relationship Management

Simple yet Comprehensive

RealtyView CRM doesn't overwhelm you with tools you won't use or need. Upload leads, stay organized and increase your GCI.

Leads & Clients

Easily add or upload leads and Clients. There is a difference between a lead and a client and we make that clear. Convert a lead to a client when they've retained your services and are ready to transact.

Clients + Actions

When a lead is converted to a client, you can schedule showings, submit offers, and open transactions on their behalf.

Manage Documents

Store, manage, and share client specific documents such as preapprovals, disclosures, offers, contracts, and more.


Simple Listing Management

Centralized Listing Management

Centralize your property listings with RealtyView for streamlined tracking and updating. Our platform simplifies the management process, saving you time and enhancing organization.

Automated Listing Updates

Ensure consistent listing information across multiple platforms with RealtyView's automated updates. Save time and maintain professionalism with synchronized, up-to-date property details.

Collaborative Features

RealtyView enhances teamwork with tools for seamless information sharing and joint listing management. Improve coordination and communication within your team for more effective outcomes.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting

Make informed decisions with RealtyView's analytics. Understand market responses and optimize strategies with detailed insights into your listings' performance.


Optimized Transaction Management

Automated Document Handling

Automate the organization, filing, and retrieval of transaction-related documents with RealtyView. This feature not only minimizes manual efforts but also significantly improves accuracy and organization. It facilitates a smoother, more efficient workflow, allowing you to focus on crucial aspects of the transaction rather than paperwork.

Real-time Transaction Tracking

Keep a vigilant eye on every phase of your transactions with real-time tracking. This feature provides continuous updates from initiation to closing, offering complete transparency and control over the entire process. It's an essential tool for proactive management, ensuring that every step progresses as planned.

Deadline Reminders

RealtyView's deadline reminder system is designed to keep you on schedule. Automated alerts for key dates and deadlines ensure that every part of the transaction process is addressed promptly, helping to maintain a steady, uninterrupted flow and contributing to overall transaction success.

Integrated Communication Tools

Enhance the efficiency of your transactions with our integrated communication tools. These tools enable straightforward, centralized communication with clients and team members, facilitating quick decision-making and effective collaboration, which are critical in the fast-paced real estate environment.

Plugin integration

Easy integration with all the apps you use

Enhance your experience with our range of add-ons, designed to further optimize your process.

All In One

RealtyView is for Closers

RealtyView's comprehensive platform will help you optimize your business from managing leads to closing day.

12,000+ Happy Clients

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Frederic Hill

Founder & CEO

Simple, effective, and incredibly powerful. My site’s speed doubled, and my bounce rate dropped. Thank you for this amazing tool!

Julie Kyle

Account Executive

Optimizing images never felt this easy. My website’s performance skyrocketed, and my Google rankings followed suit. I couldn’t be happier!

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Data Engineer

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I’m in awe of how this plugin transformed my site’s load times. It’s intuitive, efficient, and delivers beyond expectations. Kudos to the developers!

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Marketing Manager

Not only is the plugin fantastic, but the support team is also incredibly helpful. Any question I had was answered promptly and professionally.

Stefan Ball

Head of Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer your questions.

Quick answers to questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our full documentation.

Yes, RealtyView is 100% free for Agents and Brokers that work as individuals. While we do have enterprise plans for Brokerages and Teams, individuals are not required to subscribe to a paid plan at all.

It's simple. Free means less friction when deciding to sign up. The larger our network is, the better it will be. And we are building the most robust real estate platform.

The CRM is pretty simple and straightforward. You can add your contacts, categorize them, and maintain relationships. We feel that less is more.

When you're the listing agent of a property, you can share your showing link to your local MLS, social media or share with your colleagues. They can directly book a showing time from your link.

Similar to showings, you can share your listing's link to your local MLS, social media, or with your colleagues. From there, you can submit a structure offer that will also generate a PDF document. Both formats will be sent to the Listing Agent and Buyer's Agent for review.

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RealtyView is forever-free. We don’t require a credit card.