Offer Management for Realtors
Manage your Clients, Listings, and Offers. With RealtyView, you
can easily send, receive, and manage offers in one, innovative platform.
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Our Mission

To provide Agents with a free & simple platform
more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

You can create and submit offers to Listing Agents even if they don’t have RealtyView yet.

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Listing Manager
With the Listing Manager, you can upload or import your listing to our platform. From the platform, you can create your Offer Link and links for other future features we’re working on.
Offer Inbox
The Offer Inbox™ allows you to send and receive offers to one digital platform where you can easily track and manage your inbound and outbound offers. The Offer Inbox™ allows you to stay organized and efficient while focusing on what’s most important.
offer inbox

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it really free?
    Yes! Our platform is and always will be forever free. We firmly believe that Agents should have access to the basic everyday tools that help run their business without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.
    How does sending offers work?
    You can easily create offers on RealtyView and send them to the Listing Agent, even if they don’t have RealtyView. If the listing Agent doesn't yet have a RealtyView account, the offer will be securely emailed directly to the email address associated with the listing as well as digitally stored in their temporary RealtyView account which they can activate at any time. All offers are stored in the RealtyView Offer Inbox whether sent or received where Agents can access their offers at anytime.
    What other features are included?
    Included in our initial launch will be the Offer Inbox and the Listing Manager. Although we're still in the Beta phase, we’re still developing new features for Agents and have a lot planned.
    How does receiving an offer work?
    Listing Agents can post the offer link of a listing into the MLS private remarks (or anywhere) where all Cooperating Agents can submit their offers. You can easily track, manage and review all offers from one dashboard as well as accept, counter or decline an offer.
    Do I have to be a Realtor® to sign up?
    No, you don't have to be a member of the National Association of Realtors® to sign up. However, you must be licensed to practice Real Estate by the state in which you intend to conduct or advise on real estate transactions.
    Why is it free?
    The more Agents that use RealtyView, the better it can become. Eventually, we’ll make some nice add-ons and premium features that you may find valuable. Until then, we’ll just keep dipping into our savings. =)